Blogging Postcards!

The food blogging community are a sociable lot. It is always bolstering to find that someone has left an encouraging message for you, regardless of whether your dish really, really sucked or was restaurant standard.
Whilst we all write for ourselves, we wouldn't be posting our foodie ramblings online if we didn't hope that other people read them, and more importantly, enjoyed them.
But it's also good to have some real time communication with other bloggers, and whilst this isn't always possible (food bloggers inhabiting all four corners of the world and probably some planets that haven't been discovered yet), we can take part in food swaps, or this, Meeta at Whats for Lunch Honeys fabulous conception:
The idea is that we send a postcard to a fellow foodie somewhere in the world (as arranged skillfully by Meeta) and then we receive one back! The excitement is not knowing who will be sending the card, or where it will be coming from!
So, for my receivee, this is my postcard. It is not handmade because I have zero skill when it comes to artistic endeavours. However, I do have a long-time love of pulp fiction and this was such a cute postcard how could I not send it?
Meeta is also organising a Monthly Mingle for Valentines (how organised is she?) which I will be contributing to tonight...all will become clear in a few hours time!


Karin said...

Have I missunderstood Blogger Postcards? I thought the picture postcards were ment to be sent by snail mail. Well, that can´t be possible without an address.

Freya said...

Hi Karin,
What we're supposed to do is email meeta to sign up for the swap,giving her our addresses, she then allocates us a postcard partner. We scan a picture of the postcard as a blog entry and then we post the proper postcard, via the postal service to our partner.
Hope this clears things up! If you have any more problems, you can email Meeta at Whats for Lunch Honey and she will help you out.

Brilynn said...

That card's awesome, I love it!

wheresmymind said...

*grin* guys and dolls on dope...only better if they were cooking!

Meeta said...

Freya, this is such a wonderful card. Really cool! Glad you took part in this!

Kathryn said...

Great card! I'd probably have kept it:(.

Have you made the ciabatta yet???

Kathryn x

Saffron said...

Hi Freya!!I want to participate too!!!Baci

ostwestwind said...

My postcard from the North Frisian island has arrived by snailmail in Germany, what about the long way to Britain?