And some photos to close 2006 and begin 2007

As we have just returned from a trip to the chilly seaside (the only time to visit the sea is in the winter, the colourful beach huts clinging to the shoreside like tenacious barnacles), I have somewhat run out of time to write a full post so here instead are some photos from the turkey Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Years meal that we cooked last Wednesday. As you will recall, I brined the turkey in a heady concoction of water, salt, sugar, onions, mustard seeds, cinnamon and a myriad of other exotic spices all contained within a DIY store plastic bucket...
We served this delicious turkey with roast parsnips, potatoes, carrots, sprouts and homemade cranberry sauce (utilising my 'secret ingredient' of Kirsch). I also made a dish of Chestnut Stuffing and served some Peach Prosecco, courtesy of some Marks and Spencer vouchers that I received for Christmas.
The food was received with suitable oohs and ahhs. The crackers, a traditional British Christmas table treat, were alien to our American guests who were beguiled by the gaudy gunpowder laden tubes.
No dessert was deemed necessary. The leftover turkey was made into Turkey Noodle Soup and Turkey Club Sandwiches by my husband. Very little else was left over.

The following day, Paul awoke early with breadmaking on his mind. Before I could barely lift my Prosecco befuddled head from my pillow, he had churned out no more than five loaves of his Rice Bread, which were made into, in alphabetical order: pig in a trough, sandwiches, toast, toasted cheese sandwiches and several other bread based snacks. I think they look rather professional and am seriously considering taking early retiring and setting Paul to work full time in the kitchen making his delicious loaves...And so, as the first day of 2007 is more than half over, my mind is filled with what delicacies can be prepared and written about - Writing at the Kitchen Table reaches it's second birthday shortly so I need to prepare for that....turkey anyone?


Kathryn said...

The turkey dinner sounds lovely! and the bread looks fab as ever. If Paul wants an alternative career making me bread, just send him in my direction.

I'll send you the Bill coconut bread recipe when I get chance.

Happy new year!

Kathryn x

Shaun said...

Freya, love - Happy New Year to you and Paul! Thanks for the photo round-up of the holiday season. The turkey noodle soup looks yummy. I deliebrately roast extra root veggies, so I can turn them into a soup in the next day or so. I really love your variety and the interesting dishes you make. Of all the "bloggers", you are the most inspiring to me, and I hope we can continue our correspondence. Much love, Shaun xxx

Carolyn Johnson said...

The breads look great! I feel inspired to make some buttery dinner rolls now. I think I might make them sooner than dinner though... they look too scrumptous. :D

FreyaE said...

Kathryn, for a small fee of say, a chocolate ginger cake, you can have Paul for the weekend! And you get to keep the bread!!

Shaun, I will write you an email once things quieten down here, in a day or two! Glad you enjoy my blog though! I'm constantly inspired by your devotion to the quince - definitely not a nana fruit over here! xx

Carolyn, they were scruptious! An excellent recipe too!

Freya x