Happy Christmax!

Being a wriggly Jack Russell, we couldn't get the little boy to sit still wearing a costume so a little help was required in the form of Paint. The dogs are both looking forward to their Christmas treat of raw chicken wings and a squeaky toy each.
Posting will be back to normalcy in a day or two when I will be back with more Unusual Ingredients of the Week than ever!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!


Carolyn Johnson said...

Merry Christmas, Freya! It's still Christmas Eve morning here and am still behind on my cakes. lol I cooked a nice ham in coke yesterday for "Eve of Christmas Eve" or so we've put it. haha

I hope you have a really nice Christmas and eat lots and lots of your delicious yummy foods! :D

Saffron said...

Dear Freya! your dog is so cute!!
Have a Beautiful Christmas, you and your family!