Book Cover of the Week

My love of Christmas is no great secret. I was planning on putting up our Christmas Tree this weekend but unfortunately our greyhound Coney had an nasty encounter with a horse that didn't think much to our mini-racer and consequently she suffered a rather nasty kick to the head. Luckily Coney just came away rather dazed and with some gory cuts and bruises but she'll be OK.
Anyway, if posts are rather sporadic for the next couple of days this is the reason. We are feeling rather discombobulated and all plans for cooking this weekend (which included a brace of Partridge that I was going to write about plucking and drawing - with photos - and some chicken livers which was going to be a follow up article to my offal piece) have gone somewhat to seed.
Here then is my book cover of the week, Elizabeth David's Christmas, which is an essential guide to traditional recipes, along with some more unusual and forgotten dishes from times gone by. I am particularly excited by the spiced beef recipe, which requires a lump of silverside (the cheapest cut of beef you can buy) to be rubbed daily with a spice mix and brown sugar (quite the opposite of salt beef, another dish I was planning on starting this weekend). This wonderful book also includes celebratory dishes from around the world, paticularly Italy and is a perfect bedside read as well as kitchen stalwart


Kathryn said...

Freya, Paul,

I'm so sorry about Coney. Is she doing okay?
and how are you two?

Freya, the beef recipe sounds yum. My only Elizabeth David is An Omelette and a Glass of Wine (or something like that) but I love how she writes.

Hope you both feel better soon and ready to cook and eat again. How was Friday's dinner?

Oh and I've got round the Blogger problems - Simon sorted it out - he has installed Mozilla (free!) and if you go to your blogger account through Mozilla rather than Internet Explorer, you can actually post photos etc. I am doing that until it works in IE again. I am using IE for everything else as usual...
Hope Coney is getting lots of care,

FreyaE said...

Hi Kathryn! Coney is doing much better now thanks, just a bad headache and a couple of big bandages on her head. It could have been much worse so we consider ourselves (and Coney!) very lucky!
I've just installed Mozilla and found it much better than the new IE (which microsoft installed automatically!). I've had nothing but problems on blogger since I first started using it so hopefully this will be the solution!
Friday's dinner was good, I had the chicken and pink peppercorn terrine, which was awesome but I forgot to ask for the recipe, Guinea Fowl for main which I was pleasantly surprised by and the Creme Brulee which wasn't as good as I hoped (the custard had split and they replaced plums with pears!); a good evening in general though.
Elizabeth David is a heroine of mine. I think she was incredibly important in the development of cooking as we know it.
Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for the advice and kind words!
Freya x

Jasmine said...

Sorry to hear about Coney. Hopefully all will be well soon...


FreyaE said...

Hi Jasmine, thanks for your kind comments, she'll be just fine. The vet has told us we don't need to take her back for another visit now. Apparently greyhounds are a lot tougher than their fragile exteriors suggests, although it was a terrible scare! I don't think she's too impressed with having half her head shaved through (to clean her wound) but I think it's quite becoming...
Thanks again, Freya

Shaun said...

Dear Freya - Glad to hear that Coney is recovering well. May you and hubby relax enough to get back in the kitchen :-) I have not read Elizabeth David, but I found her "An Omelette and a Glass of Wine" really cheap on Amazon, so I will keep that on the nightstand. I intend to check a few books out of the university library before I buy any more because I fear the bookshelf is overloaded beyond need. "Tamasin's Kitchen Bible" is dense and informative. It is filled with recipes that give the impression of being cheffy but also with those rather simplistic but flavourful. Can't wait to cook something from it - but where to start??