BBM - Blogging By Mail Seasonal Edition

Stephanie at The Happy Sorceress Blogspot has devoted much of her time to arranging a seasonal swap. I received mine yesterday from Cass at Cass Loves Cooking from Singapore. Here is a photo of the great things that she sent me - a wonderful surprise for these horrible grey, damp winter days! She sent, amongst lots of other things, some cured salami-type sausages, noodles, dried mushrooms (which I'm really looking forward to using) and some sweets (that my husband snaffled straight away!) all wrapped up in Christmassy Tartan!Thanks to Cass and Stephanie and I look forward to participating in many more BBMs in the future!


Brilynn said...

This is my third BBM, once you start, you can't stop! I just wish mailing things wasn't so expensive!

FreyaE said...

Hi Brilynn, the BBMs are great fun but it is hard to know when to stop filling your box of goodies! I wanted to send all sorts of weight prohibitive things and had to reign in my purchases!