Well Fed Network

Good News! I am now a fully fledged contributor/member of the Well-Fed Network, a conglomoration of foodie websites dedicated to such myriad topics as baking, cookbooks, wine, organic food, food events etc.
My first article, on Chestnut Flour (see below) has just been published on the Just Baking Site. You can view it here:
I am now awaiting a copy of the Desperate Housewives Cookbook for the Paper Palate site - as I have never seen the show, it should be an interesting article, taking impartiality to another level!
I will keep you posted as I attempt to write simultaneously for two blogs and hold down a regular job!


Saffron said...

Great! You're a really excellent writer!Good luck!

Saffron said...

I've just read your article! I'm impressed by your biography! Cool! Baci