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My husband and I have had a few days off work to complete some jobs around the house, hence the slight lapse in regular postings on here. I have also been writing some articles for the Well Fed Network including one on an interesting new product, Wine Flour, which holds a lot of potential, not only for health benefits but also for flavouring breads and pasta. I am withholding judgement until the manufacturers decide to test the European market but rest assured it will probably be one of my Unusual Ingredients of the Month.

So, a little belatedly I admit, here is my Book Cover of the Week, actually a magazine cover: Gourmet Magazine, November 1941 Thanksgiving Issue.
I love Gourmet Magazines from this era. Henry Stahlhut, the artist who painted all of Gourmet's issues until his death in the mid 50s, obviously relished his task of replicating the food he and the writers for the magazine were expected to eat. Therefore, there have been some interesting cover choices: a whole calf's head, decorated with flowers for New Years, black brains and butter, just because it was one of his favourite dishes; his work is that of a consummate professional, you just want to rip the cover right off and serve it for supper - either that or frame it and hang it on your kitchen wall. I have yet to find a food magazine that features photography on the front cover that captures the impact and class of Stahlhut's Gourmet covers but then, they are from a different time, food was different, the way we ate was different. I love them because they are beautifully nostalgic.
On another note, I have been busy baking this weekend and have come across another Unusual Product: Agave Nectar which is a natural sweetener with the lowest glycaemic index of any sugar based product, including honey AND it is sweeter than sugar itself. I have several diabetic members in my family, notably my mother-in-law and my grandfather, both of whom have to inject insulin daily so this is of great interest. My grandad( who has been a diabetic for nearly 20 years has only just started injecting insulin, having previously controlled the illness with oral medication) has to be particularly strict at the moment but this is painful for him as his sweet tooth (inherited by myself) is a constant reminder of what he might be missing! There are many recipes online so I intend to spend some time this week experimenting with the Agave. It is also beneficial for people who have intolerances to regular sugar.
Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

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