Book Cover of the Week

Another erstwhile series devoted to those little culinary things that make me want to cook and cook and cook - cookbooks!
This week, The Cooking of Provincial France by America's answer to Elizabeth David, MFK Fisher. Published in the late 60s as part of Time-Life's popular series, Foods of the World (followed up in the late 70s with the Good Cook series by Richard Olney), there is no writing on the cover, yet the picture, of a perfect souffle and three shiny white eggs, sum up, not only the region that it depicts but also the birth of a whole new era of cookery.
They also remind one that no matter how good a deal it seems, collecting anything on a monthly basis will never be a financial pay-off in your lifetime. These books are sadly worth very little these days, despite being a wealth of knowledge, featuring many wonderful food writers of the era. Well worth seeking out at your local jumble sale or on Ebay.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve just finished reading every post after finding your blog a weel ago. Amazing! I’m a Norwich lady living in North Carolina now and it’s so nice to read a blog about food from home, old AND new. My favourite kitchen gadget is my mums yorkie tin. It’s thirty years old and irreplaceable!
Mary Williams