Adopt a Greyhound This Christmas

All animal sancturies are overflowing with discarded pets all desperate for a new home this Christmas. Greyhounds are particularly close to our heart so if you are interested in adopting a dog, please consider one of these long legged lovelies. They don't require as much exercise as you might think (I'm sure a lot of people don't like the idea of long walks in the wintertime), and are loving, gentle and sometimes raucous dogs! We adopted our greyhound from Clarks Farm but if you live further away, try who can put you in contact with your local home. If you are not ready for adopting a dog yet, please consider buying your Christmas Cards or office calendar from them - we're very proud parents because our beautiful girl Coney is Miss December! The staff at Clarks Farm all work tirelessly to ensure that no healthy dog is destroyed and that all dogs in their kennels are healthy and happy. However, they would be much happier if they could share a spot on the sofa with you - or underneath the Christmas Tree next to a warm fire!

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Saffron said...

Freya, I love dogs! I adopted one 7 years ago, Camilla. Now she lives with my mum and dad (they have a gerden) and is a continue source of happiness! Pets are faboulous!