Another Speedy Supper

Despite my constant complaints that I don’t have enough to time cook, paradoxically I like to cook fast meals that taste great. I have written about this at length on previous posts.
Last night I prepared a meal which was so eye-blinkingly quick to make, yet looked and tasted like I must have slaved over it for hours. Pan Fried Pork Medallions with a Gorgonzola Sauce was that dish. My husband discovered it in the latest issue of the Sainsbury’s magazine and suggested that it would be a good way to use up the pack of organic pork medallions that I had bought ages ago and that stared sadly up at me every time I opened the freezer door. And, for once, I didn’t have to buy any other ingredients. We are currently enjoying Gorgonzola as our favourite cheese so had half a chunk in the fridge, along with Creme Fraiche (which I always try to keep around because it keeps for ages and is indispensable) and rocket leaves for the accompanying salad. In short, dinner was ready within 30 minutes and would have been quicker but we spent a good five minutes photographing the dish to accompany this article.

Pan Fried Pork Medallions with Gorgonzola and Crème Fraiche Sauce
To serve 2 hungry people:
6 Organic Pork Medallions (or cut a loin into 6 thick rings, after removing the fat)
40g Butter
100g Gorgonzola (or any blue cheese that you have laying around, you may need less if you are using Stilton because of it’s saltiness)
150g Creme Fraiche

Melt the butter in a frying pan. Cook the pork in the butter, over high heat, for about 3-5 minutes each side until cooked. Remove pork to a plate and keep warm whilst you make the sauce.
Pour the creme fraiche into the frying pan that you cooked the pork in, crumble the Gorgonzola in and melt slowly over a low heat. Stir in any pork juices that might have accumulated on the plate.
Arrange the medallions on a plate, pour over the sauce and grind over some black pepper.
Serve with a rocket salad or baked potato. Some quartered mushrooms thrown into the sauce or just cooked in some butter are also delicious served alongside.

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