It's Ahhh time....

A terribly schmaltzy section subtitled: Some pictures of our dogs, past and present: Coney, Max, Buster, Poppy, Higgins and the bestest boy that ever lived, Benji 'The Boy' to whom everything I ever cook and eat is dedicated to.

Benji, aka The Boy, in his most favourite position, supine and poised for tummy scratching.
A slightly suspicious looking Buster. Not one for cameras and hoo-ha, Buster is now nearing the ripe old age of 18. He walks very stiff and bandy legged but we think he must be made of metal and sinew to have lasted this long. Surely the George Burns of the dog world.
Another shot of The Girl, Coneykins, winner of the Harlow Dog Show 'Miss Most Appealing Eyes 2006'. She is proud and resplendent in her rosette. Actually, it fell off at the show at the same time she stopped to pee. Just goes to show what she thought about standing around with lots of other dogs, none of which quite as regal as her, being bored and not allowed to run.

Buster and Benji cosied up on my husband's LaCrosse blanket. Best Friends.

My mum's dog Poppy in a Ralph Meatyard type shot.

The Boy and Higgins curled up together.

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Keith J. Crocker said...

These photos are great, but are the dogs edible...?